Thursday, July 24, 2014


Just a technical, viewing question.

On my laptop, when I edit and publish photos on the blog, the colour seems pretty spot on. Nice and clear, bright colour but not too saturated.

However on my office computer, they appear over saturated. I think its just my office monitor, as on my smart phone the images appear as I would like them to as well.

I would love to know how they appear on YOUR screens. Feedback appreciated.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coldest Morning of The Year

Or it certainly felt like it. After running around for quite some time the afternoon before, packing up saddles and bridles and directing child traffic from odd places where they were avoiding work, bright and early and before a very COLD daylight, we headed off. Destination, “helping” the neighbour walk home some cows for weaning time.

Fortunately, horses had been transported earlier but needed saddling and persuading that the cold weather was no excuse for bad behaviour.

Finally we moved ‘em out… after the obligatory rollcall photo


I think there was enough man and kid  power there!


The spare kid was still in residence, yet to be handed back to her parents, so she was having a lovely time with our lot. Was nice to have her, it had been a long time since she’d visited. So she got to ride Chester, meaning Angus was without a mount. This did not bother him at all, his riding skills minimal and his desire to really improve them not great either. The apple did not fall far from the paternal tree with this child and his love of mechanical horsepower over the four legged version.


As you can clearly tell, I was at the back end of the mob. Angus and I followed along in the buggy, he found ways to keep himself entertained (mostly involving feed the starving beast – he has NOT stopped eating since his tonsils were removed)


(new favoured driving spot, not overly OHS compliant but highly entertaining for small boys and handy for jumping off to chase slooooow cows out of bushes and logs).



We need to work on this kids foot and weight placement when riding…suspect the legs are just there for ornament at the moment and all of the weight is on her bum.


















The weather was quite lovely after the freezing start, and the couple of hours it took to get to the laneway were not a hardship to withstand. Really, there could be worser ways to spend a morning.

Snacks, a little spell and some buckjumping antics were enjoyed at the laneway. Disappointingly the buck jump rider did not perform close enough to the camera to capture the action, although suspect the pony in question did not really have his heart in it.


















Angus scored a ride with his new mate, when one of the other kids was seconded to wrassle with a baby calf in the back of my buggy (calf having decided he’d had enough of this walking caper). The end of the laneway was but a short walk to the yards. Yarding was done without incident.


However once yarded bulls had to be cut out from the main mob as they were already shaping up to cause strife and needed to be locked up in small yards away from each other. (testosterone ridden males typically chest beating and scrapping for a fight!) I am not sure any of the smaller kids were in any way shape of form useful in this process but they certainly thought it was fun. My kids have never cut out on horses before, nor probably even seen the process although this was something that I grew up doing.


And that ended that! a leisurely lunch and then the repacking of all saddles,jumpers, buggies and children…and home again with the hope to get there before dark. We made it by the skin of our teeth.

And geez, didnt they sleep well that night!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Due to a long and complicated story, we got a bonus race meeting to attend this year at our local track. Run by the “big” committee of the neighbouring town, we decided at the last minute we really should attend. Given the five minute drive to get there it really wasn’t a huge investment of our time should we decide we’d had enough of being polite and sociable! And hey! An event we weren’t part of organising is always nice to attend.

With three girls to suddenly dress (spare kid still being in residence) and all with an opinion, it took a little time to get the girls dressed (and happy about it). Well the biggest one wasn’t 100% impressed but given she’s put her feet through everything and micro skirts aren’t on my list of suitable clothing for an 11 year old, she just had to suck it up.

Thank goodness little boys don’t care about clothing. As long as its comfortable. And his socks don’t sag.


The young ladies ready for their afternoon out. (we have sadly squeezed the last wear out of my favourite blue and yellow striped dress!)  The Husband solemnly handed out three dollars to each child as spending money.


Angus deciding to start a new fashion revolution with the one boot out and one boot in look. (see what I mean about boys? I think he forgot to pull his jeans out after he put his boots on…thank goodness for hand me downs. He has loved these little boots from a bigger little friend)

And finally, I quickly slapped together a suitable race going outfit for myself. I picked up this fine and rather expensive straw hat from the (fancy smancy slightly snobby) Endeavour shop the other day, for the princely sum of $18. I loved its shape, but removed the rather silly looking over the top bow it had on its front. In my flower stash I had a black one the right size, so applied. Dress was one that I gambled on off a sale rack for under $20 also when in town, added a black jacket and the old faithful wedges and there I am -  ready to go. Although on reflection, not being used to wearing skirts with a bit of space, and combined with a windy day, some of those table weights hanging off the hem might have been a good idea.


Had a child quickly paint toenails with the only polish we could find in the house, a delightful matallic purple. Investigations are continuing into the whereabouts of the rest of mum’s polish collection. Not extensive, but containing more than purple.

We had a nice afternoon out, the crowds not being quite as expansive as what we are used to at our normal race meeting. The whole family, husband included, were quite surprised to be included in the Fashions of The Field entrants.(in specific sections obviously).

The spare kid, clearly part of my own family this day, was stunned to win the Girls Section.


A sash, a bag of little girls goodies (loom band stuff) AND the most lovely corsage were her winnings. She was pretty stoked. As was I! The Husband however, was not impressed with being included in both the Gents Fashions and Best Dressed Couple and was mightily pleased that he was quickly dismissed from both. (he said afterwards that of course it was the care he took in choosing his cap to match his shirt that must have gotten him into the line up)

(photos below from the Race day photographer)


Clearly stripes were THE only thing to be seen in on race day.


The Ladies line-up.

















And the winners, Best Dressed Couple (Michelle wore gorgeous nude wedges, which you can’t quite see in the photo) and Best Dressed Lady. Both were presented with the most stunning arrangement of flowers put together by a Charters Towers girl who is talented in both floristry and millinery. Funnily enough, after meeting her I could not work out why her face was so familiar, until I had a revelation, she MUST be a sister to another acquaintance… sometimes I am a bit slow.

We ended our afternoon out with a quite burger, before heading home on dark to feed the ever waiting horses, put on our flanny jarmies and have a milo whilst watching a movie and loom banding.

Clearly, the loom banding was the kids and not the parents. One was snoring in his arm chair and one was massaging her feet that were very much unaccustomed to clomping around a dusty paddock in very unsuitable shoes.

Now we just have to do it all over again in about 6 weeks time for our OWN race meeting, albeit from behind the canteen counter, and hopefully wearing far more sensible shoes!

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