Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Its rather liberating to be no longer the secretary or admin support for the local campdraft. Which is a good thing too, the amount of time and energy that is required to transport and strap horses for the girls! Georgie decided that she would like to have a go at campdrafting, and much thought went into choosing which of the three horses she might ride in her first ever campdraft.

Red we decided might get too excited, Chester we decided might be too excitable and distracted and so it was left to Old Ben to carry the load. Very much feeling his age and the dry weather, we started feeding him a special potion in order to help with his arthritis.

We rocked up the to campdraft and saddled up.  Little friend gathered around and off they went to “warm up”.


The two kids on foot at this point suddenly realised that perhaps a horse might have been fun (and in the boys case, knowing how to ride would have been handy as well)

Three hours later (slight change to programme) the horses were WELL and truly warmed up, or in Ben’s case, nearly worn out.

Mum was quite nervous for the jockey. Handed the camera over to the person standing next to me and said TAKE PHOTOS.


I realised after the fact that she was riding far too short on this horse (but needs to ride at this length on Redman normally). She got a “full” outside score – 17/32/2 which is a pretty good score for her first time out. Poor old Benny looked like he needed some go go juice but he only goes as fast as the rider so guess she was happy!

The next day we went back in for the horse sports which I was helping coordinate. No photos. Ben was left in the paddock for a spell, Georgie on Redman and Kate her first time on Chester (sink or swim girl). Angus on foot again was wondering if this horse business might actually be fun.

And then we went home and were exhausted!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The girls

You see your kids every day. You yell at them, laugh at them, tell them to do their chores, pick up their stuff, to stop being mean to their brother or sister. They are with you for nearly every task or journey.

Then you take a photo and realise suddenly that they are half way grown up. How DID that happen so fast?


Monday, August 18, 2014


Netball is a sport only recently (term two) taken up by my kids. Not a sport that I played other than during PE at boarding school, they went to the fun/sign on day, and then begged to continue. There went my Tuesday afternoons for two full terms…

So we dutifully attend practice every Tuesday afternoon. Due to clashing events, my kids didn’t get to attend two out of town tournaments, but we had one at home recently. Unfortunately the teams from the other town decided not to come at the last minute (rude!)  but there were enough kids to make up three teams and they had a great time playing against each other.
















Angus loved playing. Took a hard ball to the face and was very wounded for a moment with tears however the coaches didn’t let him hang around sooking to mum (just quietly I think the town mums are a bit different to our small schools/distance ed mums…)

































Georgie also took a ball to the side of the head (a few tears) then back into it. After all this was their first competitive game! They really loved being in the uniform (the biggest girl doing lots of swirly turns in her dress).

















I can’t even remember what team won at the end; a sausage sizzle lunch was made and fed to the kids, then much to my dismay they wanted to have a mums V kids game.  I have no issues with throwing a ball but my knowledge of netball rules extends to no travel with the ball.  I was constantly out of my area and too close to the opposing players. But the kids had fun even if dear lord, my knees felt hammered the next day.(I did end up on the floor after tripping over and trying to avoid landing on my child…that is NOT a soft surface, rather is just painted concrete) Now I completely understand why netball players have bung knees.

Now…how long til the end of term?

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